About us, Ivy and Rob

Hey, glad you are here!
Welcome to the home of indoor greenery.

There is no denying the profundity of our connection with nature. 
After developing our plant collection at home,
we instantly noticed an improvement in our emotional health, as well as mental attitude. 

Each of us experienced a boost in our moods, we felt healthier, and we were filled with positivity. 
Upon inviting guests into our home to see and experience the power of this greenery, we were inspired to offer something revolutionary. 
We knew that if we could make this lush foliage available for the humble abodes of others, we could bring joy to lives everywhere. 
So, we launched Ivy’s Secret Garden to do exactly that!

Our sophisticated boutique boasts Dubai’s largest collection of healthy, happy, indoor greenery grown with love by us,
Ivy and Robert, the owners of Ivy’s Secret Garden. 
Both of us grew up in vibrantly green, biodiverse, island locales that infused us with a special appreciation for plant life. 
My soulmate, Robert, is a talented designer from Italy, and I am an ardent green thumb from Taiwan. 
We moved to Dubai four years ago and instantly recognized a great need for more plant joy into this gorgeous desert oasis. 

This business was born from our irrefutable plant obsession and our affinity for bringing joy into the lives of others. 
Early on, we sold our “living home décor” online and transformed our client’s space with a vivid splash of verdure. 
However, we’ve recently opened the doors to our posh, new storefront to provide even more for the Al Qouz community.

And we can’t wait to help you bring more nature into your everyday life!

Ivy & Rob

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