Bunny Ear cactus- Polka Dot Cactus


Bunny ear cactus-Polka Dot Cactus

easy to grow indoor and outdoor cactus

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Bunny ear cactus-Polka Dot Cactus

Our prickly pear looking cactus grows beautifully in Dubai and UAE’s weather.

The leaves grow in pairs and resemble small bunny ears. Some call it Mickey mouse cactus.

The Bunny cacti is native to northern Mexico and desert areas stretching into Arizona.

You can grow this plant indoors as well as outdoors.

This is a very resilient plant and grows amazingly with our organic succulent soil mix.

Bunny ear cactus care tips

Water your cactus lightly every 3-4 weeks and make sure the excess water drains.

Our top tip; once it’s watered, tip the pot upside down in the sink to let the water drain off.


The best location is with bright, sunlight.

Overall, Likes a dry sunny spot in your home or office.


Roughly 36 cm tall without pot.

Pot not included.
Add a terracotta pot

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Pot options

without pot, with terracotta pot, with colored terracotta pot


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