Green sansevieria



Green sansevieria in cement pot

Snake plant( Mother-in-law’s tongue), also named sansevieria trifasciata,
is one of the best evergreen indoor air-purifying plants.

It helps filtering indoor air, regulate healthy airflow,
Furthermore, also improves air quality in you home.

Perfect plant to place in bedroom and living room.

Commonly we recognize them by its sword-shaped leaves that grow vertically,
while almost resemble artificial foliage.


Note: pot not included, custom repotting available .


Sansevieria care tips

In general, do water your green snake plant once every 7-9 days. Once established, it has the ability to survive even an extended drought.

You should allow the soil in the pot to dry out between waterings.


The best location for snake plant is with bright, indirect light.

Placing your green snake plant air-purifying in front of a sunny window is ideal.

Fun facts…

When placed at an ideal position, snake plants are deemed to be a plant of good luck.

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