money plant- pothos

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Money plant- pothos

Money plant, the most common easy to take care indoor houseplant. It’s a fast growing indoor plant perfect for Dubai and UAE’s weather.

The green leaves have a beautiful rounded shape and it grows in long vines that you can let hang down from a surface (use it as hanging plant) or grow on a moss stick.

It’s an air purifying plant and it’s very low demanding: water it once a week or less and you will see it grow happily.


(Wicker basket not included)


Money plant care tips

In general, water your money plant once every 7-9 days.

You should allow the soil in the pot to dry out between waterings.


The best location for money plant- pothos is with bright, indirect light.

However, money plant will suits itself in almost every corner in your house.


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  1. Mashael Talal (verified owner)

    10/10 the plant looks healthy and great, deff would by again

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