Cactus & succulent mix potting soil


2 Ltr.
Succulent and cactus soil. Ready mix available for sale in Dubai and UAE


Cactus & Succulent potting soil

Looking for the ideal growing medium for your cacti and succulents? Look no further than our specially formulated Cactus & Succulent Mix Soil!
Our special recipe for the best succulent soil you can find in Dubai and UAE.
The cactus mix is a balanced acid/alkaline ready to use mix for your cactuses and succulents.
This meticulously crafted blend provides the perfect balance of drainage, aeration, and nutrients to help your desert companions thrive:

  • Fast-Draining Potting Soil: Provides a solid foundation while allowing excess water to drain quickly, preventing root rot, a common enemy of succulents and cacti.
  • Coarse Perlite: Lightweight volcanic rock that breaks up the soil, promoting excellent drainage and air circulation for healthy root development.
  • Sweet Sand: Provides additional drainage and prevents soil compaction, mimicking the natural sandy environments where cacti and succulents flourish.
  • Peat Moss: A small amount of peat moss adds a touch of organic matter for minimal nutrient retention, making it ideal for cacti and succulents that thrive in low-nutrient environments.
  • Bonus: Silica Sand: Some formulations may include silica sand, which adds a decorative touch and helps prevent soil compaction.

Benefits of Cactus & Succulent Mix Soil:

  • Prevents Overwatering: The fast-draining formula minimizes the risk of root rot, a common killer of cacti and succulents.
  • Promotes Healthy Root Growth: Excellent drainage and aeration encourage strong root development.
  • Mimics Natural Habitat: The sandy texture and drainage properties replicate the desert environment these plants thrive in.
  • Reduced Risk of Fungal Diseases: The well-draining mix helps prevent fungal issues that thrive in moist conditions.

Perfect for:

  • Cacti: Saguaro, Prickly Pear, Echinopsis, Cereus, and a variety of other desert cacti.
  • Succulents: Aloe Vera, Jade Plant, Haworthia, Echeveria, Sedum, and many more!
  • Plants Requiring Excellent Drainage: Any plant susceptible to overwatering can benefit from this fast-draining mix.

The compost drains very well and keeps just enough moisture.
Read our article about cactus and succulent potting soil.

Our cactus soil mix contains:

organic soil
sweet sand
peat moss

Perfectly blended for UAE .
2 Ltr per package.


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