String of hearts plant


Plant size: 8cm tall

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String of hearts plant (Ceropegia woodii)

String of hearts is a flowering plant native to Africa.

It grows long vines and its a perfect hanging indoor plant perfect for your home.

Common names include chain of hearts, collar of hearts.

It is an easy to care plant and loves light.

It produces small purple flowers and the beautiful leaves are shaped like hearts.


String of hearts care tips

Keep its soil lightly moist during the growing season in the spring and summer.

If its spherical leaves are flattening out, the plant needs more water.

Be careful not to overwater; succulents like this are drought-resistant but cannot survive with wet, soggy roots.


It needs only a few hours of direct sunlight per day.

However, it requires indirect sunlight as well.

While your plant can survive and thrive with a minimum of care, plenty of light is absolutely essential.


Plant size: 8 cm tall


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