Bottom watering technique

Bottom watering your plants


Having a green thumb is a talent that must be earned through hard work, patience and had killed one or two plants…
An easy rule of proper gardening and plant care is to properly water your plants.
We all learn from mistakes and experiences.
Don’t worry, if you have overwatered, you are only guilty of giving too much love.

We’ve found that bottom watering technique is so far the best way to water plants,
It gives you control to avoid overwater or underwater them.
You can also slightly extend the watering period for your plants.

How does Bottom watering technique work?
First, make sure your pot has drainage holes at the bottom.

Obtain a deep tray,
Place several plants into the tray,
fill the tray with 2 or 3 cm of water.

bottom watering
Pour water into tray

Let the plants (with pot) soak in the water until they absorb the water in tray.

You can also use a saucer

Place a saucer underneath the pot and fill the saucer with fresh water.
Let it soak for several hours.
Empty the saucer and let the remaining water drip out.
This technique can also maintain humidity and keep nutrients.

watering from bottom
watering from bottom

By using this method, you can slightly extend the watering period for your plants.
This way of watering can also work when you are away for holiday for a short period.

Try out this technique next time when it’s time to water your plant!

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