The perfect plants for your bedroom?

The bedroom, one of the most sacred places in our home. It’s where we let go our mind, relax, and recharge, and in many ways serves as a sanctuary for our bodies and minds.

Indoor plants can help create the perfect environment for some quality R&R, and their benefits go far beyond simply beautifying the space. Natural greenery has a long list of mental health benefits, helping to reduce stress and boost feel-good chemicals in our brain. They also aide in cleaning the air by filtering out harmful toxins often produced by common household items like carpet, paint, or the finish on our furniture.

Almost any living plant will improve your bedroom’s atmosphere, so when selecting your plants for the bedroom, choose something that speaks to you and that you will enjoy waking up to each day. For a bit of inspiration, read on to find our secretgarden picks for the best plants for your bedroom!


Help purifying the air, it emits oxygen at nighttime, meaning a better and sounder sleep. Provides you clean and fresh air to welcome your morning.


 Simply colorful and easy to maintain, lighting up your bedroom.


Not only creating instant bushy jungle, it also serves as great air purifier, high oxygen production.

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