When should I repot my plants?

When is the right time to repot my plants?

Repotting is a necessary step for being a plant parent.
But finding out the right timing is not necessary easy.

Here’s some simple ideas:

  • You see lots of roots coming through the drain hole (and grow constrained around the vase).

    repot my plant

  • Your plant is not feeling well, regardless of the love you put in it.

    repot my plant
  • It’s time for the plant to grow big!

    repot my plant

These are some signs that tell you your plants need to be repotted.

By repotting, you’ll also provide your plants

-Better Watering
Not always we get the right mixture right as every plan may prefer a different type of grow medium. Take advantage to improve draining, or introducing more “mossy” mix to see how the plant reacts.

-Room to breathe means new growth
Roots, even if buried and hidden in the soil, need oxygen as much as the leaves do. A better pot+soil mix boosts growth way more than just adding nutrients to your plant.

-Disease control
Root rot is probably one of the main causes that kills our houseplants. When you repot, don’t be afraid to cut away dark/rotten roots.
Also, fungi, parasites can be treated better when you take a look “under the hood” 🙂

Missing confident in repotting your plant?
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