How to water your plants the way they like

How to water your plants the way they like?


Throughout these years, we’ve met some people frustrated in finding the right approach to water their houseplants.

Some people kill their loved plants by giving them TOO MUCH attention!

It’s nature that we can’t keep our attention away from these lovely new home members.
But watering them every time when you pass by….
is definitely not what they like!

So…. How to water your plants?

First, always make sure that the pot you are using has a drainage holes at the bottom, this can prevent root rot from damp.
We’ve found that Bottom watering is the best way to water you plants.
There will be less prone to overwatering your plants ,
and there is no concern of draining the nutrients out.
As well, you can make sure that the water is actually reaching the roots.
Find out details about bottom watering technique in our next article.

To know if the soil is still moist inside, stick a finger into the top 2 cm of soil.
If the soil sticks to your finger, It’s still moist.
Always wait for the soil to dry out before next watering!

To know if the soil is dry,
check the edge of the soil, if there’s a visible gap between soil and pot,
it means that all the water evaporated out.
Water more often during warmer months in UAE.

There are two types of house plants,
Dry type and Moist type.

Dry type, for example, cactus and succulents.
Even zz plants, snake plants, dumb cane and rubber plant.
They enjoy dry soil more, so no need to water them frequently.
Watering 2-3 times in a month is enough.
Make sure that all the water is well drained out of the pot through the drainage holes.

For the Moist type plants,
they like to be watered the next day when the soil get dry.

How to water my plants?

Again, the most frequent cause of killing a houseplant is overwatering.
People mistakenly think all plants need to be watered the same way.
Most of the time, the ticker the leaves are, the less water the plant needs.
Delicate species like ferns have thin leaves and can dry out quickly.
While plants such as cacti’s, aloe vera’s thick body can store enough water to self sustain for a longer time.

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