Pilea peperomioides

Also know as: chinese money-plant, Missionary plant, Pancake plant, UFO plant

An unique plant with mysterious origins

Some history.

The Pilea peperomioides is an asiatic herb originally found in the Yunnan provice of Southern China. For years in China people used it as ornamental decorative plant and only late in the 1910s it arrived in the western where it got the naming of peperomioides (from latin: “kind of a peperomia like”).

Modern samples reappeared in the 1950s thanks to some missionaries bringing samples back to Europe where it got reintroduced as a houseplant.

About the plant.

This plant expresses succulent-like traits and tolerates well bright light and partly shaded environments. In partial shade, the leaves will grow slightly bigger in order to capture more light. The leaves will naturally grow towards the light, so make sure to rotate the plant from time to time in order to grow neatly.

It doesn’t like cold temperatures and it’s perfect in Dubai as the temperatures in our homes suit very well the needs of this plant.

Water it to keep the soil moist, but allow it to dry a little between waterings. We recommend a highly draining compost as the plant hates to sit in wet soil.

Care fact sheet.

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