String of hearts care tips

String of hearts

(Ceropegia woodii)

is a very lovely and delightful trailing plant to grow,
Seeing it grows longer and giving you constant new leaves is absolutely satisfying!
it can grow several feet long, also super easy to propagate.

Light for Ceropegia woodii

Some people grow it in lower light than it likes,
thus the distance between the leaves will be larger and the plant will appear more sparse.
It is a higher light plant, so give it at least some direct sunlight for a few hours when growing indoor.

Soil for string of hearts

If you are repotting your string of hearts,
treat the plant as succulent.
Any well draining soil will work.
Check out our Cactus and succulents soil mix recipe!

water for Ceropegia woodii

Water throughly and let the water drain away.
Make sure you moisten all the potting medium.
Then simply wait for the potting medium to dry out before you water again,
Better to do it in your sink!
At least top 1 or 2 inches of the soil needs to dry out before watering again,
but don’t keep it excessively dry for long period,
otherwise you will get some crispy leaves remain…


Propagating Ceropegia woodii

There are 2 good ways to propagate it:
first way is simply by taking stem cuttings and place them in water!
After some weeks, the cutting grow roots and then simply pot them into cactus soil mix.
second way is to propagate them using the tubers that form along the stems.
They can be various sizes,
looks like small white nuts.
Lay the tubers on top of a moist potting mix.
Either leaves the tuber attached to the plant while you do this,
or simply cut it off and lay the tuber on top of the soil mix to root.

Repotting string of hearts

The best time for repotting your plants is when the growth starts back up- spring!
Follow the soil mix recipe above for your repotting project.
Our article about when to repot your plant.


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